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Logo & Identity


We are an E-commerce start-up located in Germany. We are selling parts for heavy machinery. Via the ERP-Software plentymarkets, we are selling items on eBay and Amazon and are shipping them all over the world. During the last year, we have grown on 80% and even in the current unforeseeable situation of global crisis, company is standing strong on the position.
We are recognised as one of eBay’s most reputable sellers, we are going above and beyond to deliver only the best and consistently offering exceptional customer service. We have more than 12000 reviews from satisfied clients all over the world.

Monochrome logotypes | white and dark blue | vertical logotype

Mission of company

Our Mission – to strive for the best: for our employees, for our suppliers, for our customers and for our world. Our Vision – now we are a progressive e-commerce company: we are fast growing, rapidly expanding and fast learning. We are not afraid of challenges and we want to make a difference in this world. We want to make life of every person who is in contact with us better.

#101A24      dark blue
#1D3953      blue
#325579      light blue
#FFFFFF     white
#000000     black

E-Commerce of spare parts
for engines and machines

– high quality
– modern technology
– competence
– solution-oriented
– reliability

We created a style of the company based on the wishes and instructions of the client. At the same time, we wanted to create something simple and clear.
Something that will be unobtrusively remembered by everyone who will do business with our client.

Customer satisfaction

High quality, fast delivery, easy return, one of the top companies on eBay in our niche

Target audience

Workshops and private individuals repair the machines in Europe and allover the world

The associations

Competence, solution-oriented, reliability

Creations process

– constant development
– groth
– progress
– dynamic

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